Welders for Factory Innovation

Cybersmith® Engineering Inc. (Member RWMA) has extensive expertise in many welding disciplines. We produce high value production equipment that utilize the following technologies:



Stainless Steel Exhaust Welder Resistance Welder 6 gun Welder Multi Tip welder

Polymer Oil Filter Assembly and Friction Spin Welder. Spin Welder. Oil Filter Friction Spin Welder. Branson Friction Spin Welder. Oil Filter As• Resistance welding

• Projection welding

• Spot welding

• Mash seam welding

• Resistance brazing

• Laser seam welding

• Friction welding

Mig welding

Whatever your application, we have the automation expertise to design a machine to meet your needs.

Do you want to laser weld stainless steel fuel filter shells at 30 ppm?  Do you want to assemble and friction-spin a dozen different diameters and heights of polymer filter shells?  Do you need to roll form tap and projection weld multiple configurations of oil filter baseplates and retainers at 40 ppm? We will work closely with you to design and build the best automation solution for your investment capital.

Cybersmith Engineering is a RWMA member "Resistance Welding Manufacturers alliance" "Resistance Welding Manufacturers association"
Laser Welder Automatic Laser Welder Fuel Filter Laser Welder Stainless Steel Laser Welder Automatic Stainless steel Fuel Filter Welder
Resistance Welder Stainless Steel Exhaust Welder 6 gun Welder Multi Tip welder Special Welding machine


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